How Mona Vale Public School Streamlined a Complete Technology Refresh through CommBox

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How Mona Vale Public School Streamlined a Complete Technology Refresh through CommBox


July 2017 marked the completion of a major CommBox Interactive Touchscreen roll out at a public school on the northern beaches. The government school, Mona Vale Public School (MVPS), had been utilising CommBox products in their classrooms with great success for some time and had worked out that due to costs and budgets, they could only replace all remaining rooms technology with CommBox as the current technology failed. It was expected that all classrooms would be refreshed over the next 3-4 years. CommBox provided a solution that would allow Mona Vale Public School to complete the changeover to Interactive Touchscreens in all classrooms in just three months and actually save money in the longrun.

Background & Opportunity

The 51 classrooms the school, MVPS was looking to refresh were still utilising projectors and Interactive WhiteBoards. This fleet of equipment was in varying ages, models and performance. Examples of reported problems being experienced by MVPS teachers were having to turn off lights or lower blinds to operate these projectors effectively. One teacher reported the time it took in preparation to use the available technology was grossly disproportionate to the time they might use it. For example it could take nearly two minutes to lower blinds, turn off lights and turn on a projector – just to be able to show a 30 second YouTube clip.

Other issues that the school was facing were resolution, calibration and PC driver problems – all normally associated with the older Interactive Whiteboard technology. Support of this aging equipment was also much higher than it should be, as projector technology needs fairly regular servicing – such as cleaning filters and replacing lamps. The fact that the equipment was of varying models and manufacturer made support even more difficult and costly.

MVPS had identified that they wanted CommBox rolled out across all classrooms and in an ideal world would conduct this refresh all in one go. Unfortunately, as a government school they also recognised that due to finance budgets this would not be possible. Instead they planned to replace equipment as it failed – meaning that there would be classroom downtime between equipment failing and new equipment being installed.



A CommBox reseller approached the school and showed how, if MVPS were to refresh all 51 classrooms over 4 years, they would be refreshing one classroom per month on average – but not knowing when these costs would come up. By utilising a CommBox payment plan, it meant that all 51 classrooms were able to be replaced at one time yet spread the payments out over 5 years.

Not only would this mean the school would benefit from superior, up-to-date technology in their classrooms immediately, but it would save them from a scenario where they had no control of when funds would be required, should they havewaited to replace their current technology as it failed.


Results & Conclusion

MVPS ended up saving money as efficiencies were created by the following:

  • Freight direct from our factory to MVPS (no road freight from our warehouse)
  • No handling or storage fees from our Sydney warehouse
  • Installation efficiencies as all 51 units were installed in 3 days
  • Bulk buy discounts

Not only did MVPS have the whole school fitted out with all new equipment – the equipment supplied was state of the art, LED touchscreen technology along with audio reinforcement and touchscreen control systems. The refresh included CommBox Interactive Classic 80” 4K Touchscreens which is the recommended size for the average classroom and have a life span of 17 years when used 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of installation would be the envy of any modern boardroom – let alone a government school.

The CommBox payment plan method has been approved by treasury meaning the MVPS Principal, Greg Jones, was able to sign off on the refresh himself as the payments worked out under his delegated approval limit. This means that for the first time ever, all government schools have the opportunity to bring their whole school’s classrooms up to date in one fell swoop, while actually saving money. The phrase ‘you can have your cake and eat it too’ comes to mind.