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digial signage

The easy solution to stunning and dynamic digital messaging in busy environments.

DVC Digital Signage is an electronic billboard system, used to present dynamic information electronically, on Interactive Touchscreens, LED Displays, TVs, PCs and Laptop screens. With dramatically eye-catching content, Digital Signage is designed to replace and enhance traditional signage methods like billboards, printed material and static bulletin boards.

Simple to Use

DVC Digital Signage provides highly graphical simple to use scheduling software that takes advantage of common content creation tools, such as Power Point and Video etc. This ensures that stunning content can be created without having to dedicate a full time staff member to run the system.


If a message is sent to a TV/Plasma etc and that TV is turned off, DVC will automatically turn the TV on, regardless of make or model. This means that you are not locked in to purchasing a particular manufacturer’s screens as you expand the system over the years.