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What is CommBox DVC Primary?

DVC Primary is a Media Box that comes preloaded with over 5000 educational programs such as Horrible Histories, Scope and Monster Bug Wars as well as wildlife documentaries from David Attenborough.

Weekly programs such as Behind the News are kept up to date and played locally so you won’t have any internet buffering delays or interruptions.
Curriculum mapped programs from Free-to-Air and Foxtel are automatically recorded and made ready for you to download complete with title, synopsis, rating, duration and advert free.

DVC Primary even gives you access to rainy day videos such as Harry Potter whilst keeping you completely copyright compliant.


Educational Programs


Simple Key Components



So Much More...

DVC Primary incorporates all these multimedia functions into the one system:

Automatic Permissions

DVC seamlessly integrates with your existing LDAP system, Active Directory, E-Directory etc.DVC automatically sets the viewing permissions to ensure students can only access
age-appropriate content. This is a great time saving feature for administrators.

Admin Console

DVC Primary comes with an administration console which allows the system to be managed from anywhere within, or outside the school. The console provides all the tools needed for content management and even logs every action within the system. These logs allow DVC Primary to generate useful reports, such as most/least used content, Screenrights Report etc.

Optional Live Streaming

Stream live TV, VHS Players, DVD Players, Foxtel and more to any PC, Laptops or large displays within your school. Uniquely, DVC provides full and instant control of these devices, enabling teachers to control any device as if it were in the same room. This is like having a DVD Player, VHS Player, Foxtel and Free-to-Air Set Top Box connected to every display, PC and Laptop within your school.

Grow your Library

Choose from hundreds of newly recorded educational programs each and every week from our live DVC Recording and Editing Service.

We do all the work for you by recording and editing your educational content from Free-to-Air and Foxtel.

Programs are delivered simply and quickly across the web to your DVC Primary Box. Content is supplied fully edited, topped & tailed with all adverts removed. Also complete with metadata, including title, synopsis, rating & genre.

DVC Recording and Editing Service

DVC Recording & Editing Service Screenshots