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What is CommBox DVC?

DVC is a multimedia system that provides students and staff simple and secure access to your own content library – from any device, anywhere.

The DVC system comes pre-loaded with over 20,000 educational videos and resources. Best of all, DVC gives you the tools to build your own content library by recording from cameras, Free-To-Air and Foxtel, digitising existing DVDs and utilising the online DVC Recording and Editing Service.

DVC is the only complete multimedia package available in Australia.


Educational Videos & Resources


Scalable Key Components



Build your DVC system to suit

DVC is a scalable system that can be customised to suit both your needs and budget. Choose from the following key components to build your DVC system:

Recording & Editing Service

DVC staff record and edit all educational content on Free-To-Air and Foxtel. You then use a highly graphical online website that allows you to search, filter and download applicable content direct to your library, complete with all metadata and adverts removed. This service can even be used stand-alone (without an internal DVC system).

Internal DVC

You have a choice of hardware that will store, manage and deliver content to staff and students within the school, without having to rely on internet bandwidth. Not only does this hardware handle delivery to iPads, mobile devices, PCs etc, but it also manages DVC Digital Signage and cameras.


DVC Cloud

DVC Cloud stores and manages all the content you wish to be available to staff and students outside the school network. This service keeps security fully intact without having to open holes in firewalls and without having to use school internet bandwidth.

Camera Management

Stream or record from cameras around your school. Great for principal announcements or recording valuable lessons and performances.

Digital Signage

Instantly send or schedule different content to different screens at different times.

So Much More...

DVC incorporates all these multimedia functions into the one system:

Editing Suite

DVC has a built-in video editor. This is the fastest and simplest to use video editor worldwide. Top, tail, chop out adverts and add the copyright notice…all in a matter of seconds. Once these tasks have been performed, DVC saves the edited file within minutes in the background, allowing you to continue editing other files (no re-rendering needed).


The built-in EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is incredibly easy to use. DVC identifies educational content and then provides simple tools that allow the automatic recording and scheduling of programs, complete with metadata i.e. title, synopsis, rating and duration.

Digital Signage

Send any content to any screen, such as LCD, Plasma, Interactive Touch Displays or PC. Push out emergency evacuation notices, inform and inspire (more info over the page). DVC Digital Signage is unique whereby it utilises existing infrastructure – sending messages to your Windows PCs for no additional cost.

Admin Console

DVC comes with an administration console which allows the system to be managed from anywhere within, or outside the school. The console provides all the tools needed for content management and even logs every action within the system. These logs allow DVC to generate useful reports, such as most/least used content, Screenrights Report etc.

Camera Management

View live, record and control cameras around your school. Record lessons or lectures, oral assessments, school productions, sporting events and so on. Stream assemblies live to students’ laptops or large displays. DVC offers a variety of IP cameras. Simply plug into your school network – no other cabling is necessary.

Live Streaming

Stream live TV, VHS Players, DVD Players, Foxtel and more to any PC, Laptop or large display. Uniquely, DVC provides full and instant control of these devices, enabling teachers to control any device as if it were in the same room. This is like having a DVD Player, VHS Player, Foxtel and Free-to-Air Set Top Box connected to every display, PC and Laptop in your school.

Automatic Permissions

DVC seamlessly integrates with your existing LDAP system, Active Directory, E-Directory etc.DVC automatically sets the viewing permissions to ensure students can only access
age-appropriate content. This is a great time saving feature for administrators.


DVC Recording & Editing Service

Use with or without an internal DVC system

Save time and money by having DVC record and edit all of your content from
Free-to-Air and Foxtel.

Content is delivered simply and quickly across the web. Content is supplied fully edited, topped & tailed with all adverts removed. Also complete with metadata, including title, synopsis, rating & genre.

DVC Recording and Editing Service

DVC Recording & Editing Service Screenshots


DVC Cloud

Simple and Secure

DVC Cloud allows students to view content from
outside the school. Security is kept intact as students
need to authenticate using their school login details.