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CommBox Whiteboard is a web-based shared whiteboard application that lets you draw, sketch and collaborate together with your friends, colleagues or students, no matter where they are or what device they are using.


Visualise Your Ideas & Collaborate With A Touch Of A Finger

CommBox Whiteboard is a fast and friendly collaborative whiteboard that runs in your favourite web browser. Participants located all over the world can draw on the same white board at the same time.

Draw With Ease

The simple and intuitive design of CommBox Whiteboard makes it suitable for all ages and abilities. You can start drawing immediately with the pen tool pre-selected and ready to go.

Collaborate With The World

Invite people from anywhere in the world, even on a train, to your whiteboard. You can all draw at the same time and share ideas in real-time. The built-in chat facility means you don’t even need a phone. Remote collaboration has never been so easy.