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Onsite Warranty Info

If no warranty fault is found, there is a service charge for the call-out & testing. We recommend that you read the operating instructions, and in particular the troubleshooting section of the Operating Instructions, before you make a Warranty service call or complete the trouble shooting downloads below.

Trouble Shooting an Interactive Touchscreen’s:

display     |    remote     |    touch     |     audio

All onsite warranties are a hardware warranty only. Software, configuration, settings, software or data corruption, loss of data, etc, are not covered. For a full list on items not covered by the CommBox warranty please see below:

• Damage caused by people, animals, or vermin
• Damage caused by any environmental factors
• Damage caused by power spikes or lightning
• Damage caused by any unreasonable level of usage

• Backing-up or recovering data
• Software & parts compatibility
• Network & Internet connectivity
• Settings or configuration

• Additional components added after retail sale of product
• Any external or removable media, peripherals, or batteries
• Software & data

• Damage caused by purposes or manner not intended for this product’s type or specification
• Products of type or cost not covered by the warranty purchased

For Interactive Support call 02 9975 6001 and log your case. Alternately you can log your case by filling out the form below.

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I need help trouble shooting:
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Please include the details of your issue below including serial numbers so we can attend to your needs promptly:

Please attach any screenshots or relevant photos to assist in diagnosing your problem

CommBox Warranty Terms and Conditions

I agree that I have read and understood the ‘CommBox Warranty Terms and Conditions’ and by claiming against warranty in which a technician is called to site and there is no fault in CommBox supplied hardware that I will be charged for a standard onsite service request. (you are required to check this in order to log your case)

Support Videos

Interactive Touchscreens

CommBox Interactive Introduction Video

In this CommBox training video we cover setting up your new CommBox Interactive Touchscreen using HDMI with a laptop as well as how to access your touch keyboard and mouse functions..

Interactive Touchscreens

How to use Chalkbox Software with a CommBox Interactive Touchscreen

This CommBox training video covers how to use Chalkbox Software with a CommBox Interactive Touchscreen, including using chalkbox as a digital whiteboard, the pen tool, the highlighter tool, the paintbrush tool, the shape tool, the eraser tool, creating sessions and saving sessions.

Interactive Touchscreens

How to use Microsoft In-Built Ink Tools with a CommBox Interactive Touchscreen

This CommBox training video covers how to use Microsoft In-buit Ink Tools with a CommBox Interactive Touchscreen in each of the following programs: Excel, Word, PowerPoint & OneNote


CommBox Mac Remote User Support


CommBox Windows Remote User Support


CommBox Meeting




How many points of touch do CommBox Interactive Touchscreens have?

The CommBox Interactive Classic Touchscreens have four points of touch, having said this, there is an added option of ten touch points.

The CommBox Interactive Kiosk and Table Touchscreens have ten points of touch, having said this, there is an added option of thirty two touch points.

What is the largest touchscreen that will fit on the CommBox Tilt Trolley?

The largest screen size that will fit on the CommBox Tilt Trolley is the Classic 80″ Touchscreen.


Can I use the Joey control panel without an Access Port?

Yes. The Access Port is simply an easy common point for seperate compononents so you only need to run one length of cable to your wall panel.

The button below will show which strands of the CAT5 cable are used for which purpose. Its simply then a matter of running a pair to each device.

Learn More…

Can I connect a single relay to a Joey control panel without using a Multi Media Port?

Yes. The relay switch information is carried through the ribbon cable supplied with a Multi Media Port. When not using a Multi Media Port product, it is still possible to control a single relay using the same terminal that the ribbon cable usually plugs into.

Simply use the first and last pair of pins as demonstrated in this diagram.