Clubhouse: Screen Sharing options in the classroom


Our latest topic in CommBox clubhouse, the Facebook group dedicated to teachers is screensharing. Screensharing is when you project content on your device to the main learning device at the front of the classroom.

The devices you can share from include PC’s, laptops, tablets and phones. The content on these devices can then be connected via different mechanisms to display screens or interactive screens at the front of the classroom.

Screensharing provides so many benefits


The first screen sharing option we are going to look at Airplay which is natively built into all our interactive screens. This enables Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Macs to seamlessly share to the interactive screens. This makes it very easy for teachers to share their Onenote notebooks or any content onto the screen and then with an interactive board they can annotate onto the screen to add additional instructions or explanations. It also means that students can share their screen onto the board as well so that student work can be showcased from their desk. It can also help teachers to quickly help students who get stuck. Attached below are the steps I went through the connect my iPhone to an interactive board. The option to screen mirror can be found on the utilities screen. Please select screen mirroring and if both your devices are on the same WIFI network they can see each other. Find the device you want to mirror to and then your Apple device will be visible on the interactive screen. It really is that simple! If you get stuck – reach out to us!

CommBox eShare – screensharing app

Most interactive screens come with a screensharing app. At Commbox we use the CommBox eShare app on our Classic Interactive Screens or Displays Screens. This app makes it easy to connect you device to the screen. Anyone in the class can connect. Our eShare app works on the NSW DET networks.Here is how is works:

  1. Add the eshare app to your device – Mac, PC, iPad etc – visit
  2. Open the app and you will see the screens automatically that can connect to eShare.
  3. Choose your screen
  4. Select Share screen

And yah!! your laptop screen will be projecting on the interactive screen at the front of the classroom. You can then annotate over it and do other touch functions.


Vivi enables teachers to move around their classroom with complete freedom.

  • Control the screen and engage with students from any point in the room, keeping the entire class involved in the lesson and focused on learning.
  • With teacher permission, any student can present their ideas to their classmates, which is a powerful confidence builder.
  • Teachers can easily hand over control of the screen, creating a free-flowing, collaborative learning environment.

Vivi comes pre-loaded on the CommBox screens or can be added to any screen with a Vivi player. Vivi has lots of additional features such as signage, student happiness checkin and more. Do you have Vivi at your school? If so let us know what you think about it!

Via Cables

You can connect you laptop to the screen via HMDI cable. This cable will enable your laptop screen to be projected onto the interactive screen. In addition you can connect a USB touch cable to enable you to drive your laptop from the screen. This allows you to move around the classroom and stand at the front of the class and use all the interactive board features and drive and access the content and applications on your laptop. So everything on your laptop can be controlled from the screen.

This means that the interactive screen does not need to have all the applications installed on it because you can access the applications already on your laptop.

Note that if you use the latest Macbook you will need the white dongle to plug in HDMI and USB cord. You will also need to add the keyboard and emjoi views in menu bar – this enables the floating keyboard to be seen on the interactive screen.

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