Clubhouse: Whiteboard options for Teachers

CommBox Clubhouse is a new Facebook group we have started just for teachers! The first series looked at different whiteboard options available to teachers to use on interactive boards. is a free online whiteboarding app that allows you students to connect to your whiteboard and see it on their devices at home. Lots of teachers have fallen in love with to support remote learning.

Snowflake Whiteboard

Snowflake is an incredible interactive education product. Not only does it contain incredible education content for all ages specifically designed for interactive screens – it also contains a whiteboard. Today we have some local students take it for a test run. If you use Snowflake – please let us know your favourite features! Check out Snowflake here –

Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft whiteboard has a great range of standard whiteboarding features – pens, sticky notes etc. You can also share your whiteboard with your class so they can also collaborate on the board in real time. You can see which students are annotating on the board. Its’s simple to add a powerpoint and then everyone can annotate on the powerpoint.On the interactive screen in the image below I had the Microsoft whiteboard open with a student activity and a timer open to show long the students have left to finish the task. The Microsoft Whiteboard can be accessed on your Microsoft PC and via your interactive screen with an PC connected (OPS or Nuk). If you have a smart active pen – with Microsoft Ink the screen will know when you want to write and you don’t have the select the pen tool.

CommBox Whiteboard

All our interactive touch screens have a built in whiteboard. It is easy to access from the main tool bar on every screen. It has an infinite canvas, easy to change background colour and the the content can be shared after the lesson or collaboration session. You can add new pages to the board if you want to move between topic areas.


Another whiteboarding option is Miro. All teachers can have 3 Miro boards on the free account. It’s easy to add you class to the Miro board and you can all collaborate in real time. With an infinite canvas and tons of other tools – Miro is incredibly fun to use. It comes with a lot of brainstorming templates out of the box. In the image below I showcase how Miro could be used in a Year 6 class studying Government and looking at the features of a democracy. You could ask you class to research what a democracy is and then add their ideas to sticky notes. On an interactive screen Miro recognises the stylus so you can write, as well as use the keyboard to enter text.


Jamboard is a free google whiteboard. It has all the standard whiteboarding features including sharing. Used extensively by schools using Google Classroom. There are free Jamboard’s created by other teacher that make class activities fun. It is very easy to add fun backgrounds with google images easily searchable. To see Jamboard in action watch the video below!

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