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Interactive Classic

The Original CommBox Interactive Touchscreen

Available in 55``, 65``, 75``, 86`` & 98``

The Toughest Touchscreen on the Market


We invited two students to try and break a CommBox Classic Touchscreen to show just how tough it is. See the results...

Everyone Loves a Classic

The current Classic range has been further developed and now features stylish rounded corners, improved sound quality, increased inputs and an even sharper image.

Interactive Touchscreens

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Greater Speed & Accuracy

Combining Infra-Red and camera technology, the Classic touchscreens are incredibly responsive and accurate. Incorporating multi-touch technology and gesture recognition there is no question why CommBox Touchscreens are replacing projectors and interactive whiteboards within classrooms and boardrooms both domestically and internationally.




Connect a Windows PC, Mac or laptop and interact immediately – No Drivers, no calibration required. CommBox Interactive touchscreens are truly plug & play. A Classic touchscreen comes ready to use straight out of the box, reducing installation time and costs.

A Smarter Investment

By utilising only the highest quality components a CommBox Touchscreen has a 17 year lifespan and does not require maintenance or replacement lamps.

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