CommBox News

Join our Facebook group just for teachers!

We are excited to launch CommBox Clubhouse a free Facebook group for teachers. We launched Clubhouse as a way to help teachers find informative, fun and educational activities to use with their interactive screens. The team at CommBox, led by the Sarah – one of the CommBox product managers, will be pulling together different series of content. We will be explore interactive ideas across numeracy, literacy, art, STEM, social science, wellbeing and more.

We have just finished a series on whiteboarding. During the whiteboarding series we looked at the functionality available on :

  • Snowflake Whiteboard
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • CommBox Whiteboard
  • Miro
  • Jamboard

Here is a taster of the walkthrough videos we have been posting!

We are hoping that lots of teachers join and share their ideas about how they use their interactive screen in the classroom. We don’t mind what interactive screen you have. The CommBox support will also be in the group so if technical questions come up we are happy to provide support. Sometimes it’s hard to know how best to set up your PC with your interactive or display screen or the best way to get your students to connect their device. We can help with all these questions.

It has been a challenging year for teachers. We are really hoping that the Facebook group is a useful resource that showcases how to successfully achieve blended and hybrid learning with an interactive screen.

Please encourage other teachers you know to join! The more teachers we have the better our interactive lessons will become – “the best lessons are interactive!”

If you have ideas about topics you would like us to explore, simply join the group and ask us! Click the button below to join. Remember you don’t need to use a CommBox screen – everyone is welcome!