Classroom Display Screens,
the Smarter Solution for your School

Stock available now and yours for just $2,690 AUD or $13.50 AUD per week

Don’t ever buy a projector again. 

Ditch your blurry projectors and TV’s, and improve your classroom learning environment with a crystal clear smart commercial display screen.

With no classroom downtime, easy installation and no ongoing maintenance, it’s the best investment for your school, your teachers and students.

Focus more on teaching instead of managing equipment

Built-in Android

Our screens come with built-in Android 8 and browser

4K Resolution

Higher resolution means crystal clear text and videos

Built-in Apps

Built-in ClickView, Vivi, Reading Eggs and more.

Screen Sharing

Built in screensharing for laptops, phones and tablets.

Long Life

Our display screens have a longer life than projectors, giving you a better return on your investment 


Made with DLED, our commercial displays don’t suffer from image burn.

Built-in App Store

Run all your favourite education apps from the built-in CommBox Store

5-Year Warranty

Our commercial-grade displays have a 5-year onsite swap out warranty

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75″ Commercial Smart Display


Turn your CommBox into a large front-of-room PC by adding an OPS


Add on the Elegance Stand to mobilise your classroom

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