CommBox Foyer Bundle

The Foyer Bundle

Transform any foyer area into a stylish and functional space

The Foyer Bundle brings together our sleek 55″ display screen with the modern Easel Stand, making it easier than ever to create impactful signage, where it matters.

The foyer or reception area is often the first impression people have of your business, so it’s important to make sure they are functional and inviting. The foyer bundle is the perfect way to update your foyer area for visitors and staff.

With the highest commercial grade 4K display paired with the mobile Easel stand, you can make a statement in any workplace, from a school foyer, a hotel lobby, a healthcare waiting room or a corporate reception. Enhance the aesthetics of your workspace with the Foyer Bundle. The ideal collaboration partner, the Foyer Bundle can also be used as a mobile video conferencing solution. Simply add a camera, speaker and microphone for the ultimate video conference set-up.

This package includes three years of CommBox Signage, allowing you to create eye-catching and original content that can be remotely managed and deployed in minutes. Pick from hundreds of customisable templates and transform your reception area. 

Enhance the aesthetics of your reception area with the CommBox Foyer Bundle

Stylish & Welcoming

Sleek and modern, this bundle will enhance the aesthetics of any space, and is designed to support innovation and collaboration

Stay Informed & Engaged

Display important content on the screen like daily notices, news, covid plan updates, or use as a mobile video conference solution

Improve Social Distancing

Create a digital QR code check-in, and a sanitisation station on the shelf to help keep your visitors and staff safe

CommBox Foyer Bundle

55″ 4K Commercial Smart Display Screen


3 years of CommBox Signage


The Easel Stand

Included in the Foyer Bundle

CommBox 55″ Display Screen

Equipped with highest commercial grade 4K, an anti-glare and flicker-free screen, built-in WiFi, 24/7 display and a 5 year onsite warranty. This smart display comes with your favourite apps available from the CommBox Store. 

Easel Stand

The CommBox Easel has been designed with movement and style in mind. With a stunning timber finish, minimalist look and ergonomic design, the Easel is the perfect complement to a welcoming foyer area. The display is mounted at a 12-degree angle tilt, and the shelf comes in either black or white to suit your space.   

3 Years of CommBox Signage

Create engaging and original content from hundreds of customisable templates, which can be remotely managed and deployed in minutes. 

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