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Onsite Warranty Info

If no warranty fault is found, there is a service charge for the call-out & testing. We recommend that you read the operating instructions, and in particular the troubleshooting section of the Operating Instructions, before you make a Warranty service call or complete the trouble shooting downloads below.

Trouble Shooting an Interactive Touchscreen’s:

display     |    remote     |    touch     |     audio

All onsite warranties are a hardware warranty only. Software, configuration, settings, software or data corruption, loss of data, etc, are not covered. For a full list on items not covered by the CommBox warranty please see below:


• Damage caused by people, animals, or vermin
• Damage caused by any environmental factors
• Damage caused by power spikes or lightning
• Damage caused by any unreasonable level of usage

• Backing-up or recovering data
• Software & parts compatibility
• Network & Internet connectivity
• Settings or configuration

• Additional components added after retail sale of product
• Any external or removable media, peripherals, or batteries
• Software & data

• Damage caused by purposes or manner not intended for this product’s type or specification
• Products of type or cost not covered by the warranty purchased

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