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Head Office (Sydney, Australia)

Address: 32/6 Jubilee Avenue
Suburb: Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia
Tel: +61 2 9975 6001

CommBox Singapore

Address: 71 Woodlands Industrial Park
Suburb: E9 Wave 9 #06-04 Singapore 757048
Tel: +65 6483 8191


CommBox is an Australian designer and manufacturer since 1976. We have manufacturing lines in Korea, China and (proudly) here in Australia. Our small touchscreens (4” & 6”), control processors and the majority of our metalwork (trolleys etc) is manufactured here in Australia – which we then export to SE Asia (again something we are very proud of).

In-stock product generally dispatch next working day, for orders placed before 1pm the previous working day. Delivery times can then vary based on delivery suburb.

For firm ETAs and delivery schedules please contact your reseller. If you have specific delivery requirements such as a required date, delivering to a particular room or upstairs please discuss these needs in full with your reseller prior to placing your order.

Yes! CommBox touchscreens are platform independent, meaning they support multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux & Chrome).

For schools this is an excellent feature due to the prevalence of BYOD (bring your own device) programs and diverse ICT needs amongst schools. Additionally, as computers become end of life, you can easily upgrade without losing the functionality of your touchscreen.

For business, this feature means whether your next appointment walks in with a Mac Book Pro, a Surface or a Laptop, they can seamlessly connect and present on your Touchscreen. Additionally, as computers become end of life or companies migrate to new, or diverge onto, different platforms, you can easily upgrade without losing the functionality of your touchscreen.

CommBox touchscreens are a premium offering and are built to a much higher grade than most offerings into the education markets. This is demonstratable and all starts with the raw LCD component inside. At CommBox we use A Grade commercial LCD from LG. This is rated and warranted for 24/7 use and is much brighter than most touchscreens. From there we continue to use highest grade components, including 1mm object recognition sensors and premium anti-glare 4mm toughened glass (CommBox Glide). The CommBox we are offering is our latest V3 and our failure rate currently sits under 0.15%.

Here is a quick FAQ to help you to get touch working when you are using eShare on a Mac.eShare is the screensharing application that is loaded onto the CommBox Classic and Display v4 screens. If you screenshare via eShare you can control your laptop from the screen. This means that the touch on the screen can be used to open and close apps, write and essentially do everything you can with your laptop.

In order to screenshare your Macbook you need to install eShare onto your Macbook.

Click here to download the app.

When you install the eShare app you need to give permission for the app to control your screen. If you don’t give permission you will be able to project your screen onto the Classic screen but you won’t be able to control the laptop from the screen with touch.

You can enable it after eShare has been installed by going to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility > tick checkbox next to Eshare

If the checkbox is greyed out, please click on the lock in the lower right corner of the System Preferences window – the system will then ask for your password and once you enter it, the checkbox should become active and allow ticking

Once the permission is enabled you will be able to control the laptop from the Classic Interactive screen.


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