The Spinner app is the ultimate random decision-making tool

Can’t make a decision, or maybe need a random one made on your behalf? Let the Spinner decide for you!

The Spinner is a random selection tool that can be downloaded to your CommBox screen. It is an overlay app that can sit over other applications. It’s a colourful and customisable spinner dial that makes decision-making fun, engaging and immersive.

Set your custom choices, and then spin the dial. You can even decide if you want the outcome to be good or bad, with either a happy or sad sound to accompany the Spinners final decision.

The Spinner is formatted as a list to make sure that no matter how many entries you have, all the inputs are easily legible on your screen. Prepopulated with the 7 colours of the rainbow, simply tap to change the name, tap the ‘add’ button to add a row and slide to delete. Easily preload a list of names or other inputs, and the Spinner will store them for you, saving you the task of repetitive entries.

You have the option of having two Spinners going at the same time!

Download to your CommBox screen today.